Another long overdue post with new information!

Happy 2015, I mean 2016! Are you like me? Does it take you until February to remember that we’ve hit a new year? One of these years, I’ll get it right…

Anyway. Happy New Year! We’ve had an interesting year over here, what about you? So what’s new with us? Let’s see…

We’re launching our new Wellness and Freedom Program! What is this program? Well, it’s a simple program that allows people to age in place by reducing worry by caregivers and increasing safety for the senior.

What does that mean? It is a wellness program that gives a loved one the freedom to continue living safely at home and gives family and caregivers the freedom of knowing that things are fine and are notified if they aren’t.

What does it do? It learns the senior’s normal daily activities and allows caregivers to know that everything is good, or if something is not. This bridges the distance gap whether across town or across the country.

It’s small and discreet, and the senior doesn’t have to do anything! They just continue to live their daily live as normal. I have so much information that I can share with you, just give me a call at 252-355-4900.


What else is new? What about a Do It Yourself security system? It’s a DIY with a little help from us. We program the entire system, and then ship it to you! You install all of the devices yourself! Don’t worry, you’ll be given instructions on how to properly mount your sensors. Give us a call to learn more about it!


Talk with you soon!



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