Well, hello there!

Hi, my name is Erin, this is our blog. Allow me to introduce myself, as it’s been awhile since we’ve posted anything.

We’ve had a lot of things going on around here since we last spoke.  What’s new? Well, let me tell you!

First, we have another option for our Personal Safety Devices! This new device is called the eResponder. It’s basically like On-Star for your person. If you’re ever in an accident or an uncomfortable situation, simply press the button and be connected to an operator. The operator will then assess the situation, and if authorities are needed, they will send them to you! There’s no need to tell the operator where you are, because the eResponder has e911 built in! It has a 2 month battery life, because it goes to sleep when it’s not in use. It’s waterproof, so if you chose to wear it on a lanyard, you can ever wear it in the shower. Or you can simply attach it to your keys!

It’s the perfect solution for realtors going to show homes alone, college students who walk across campus alone and at night, or anyone who just wants that extra bit of safety in their hand.



Second- We are now a BOSE Retail store! We’ve been a Bose Built-Invisible and Pro dealer and installer for some time, but they never let us have access to the Retail line. Well, they finally changed their mind! Now longer do you have to go to the outlets to get your Bose retail items, you can just come over to our office!

We’ve got your headphones, your Bluetooth speakers, all of it! Come by and see us!

Downstairs Window sign


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