A Recap that is long overdue…

I know, I know, it’s been awhile. But I have so much news to tell you! So let’s just get started, shall we?

In January, we attended our monitoring station’s Annual President’s Summit down in Florida. We flew out on the day that it snowed, and came back with most of the snow melted! But Florida wasn’t sunny and warm the whole time we were there, it was 40s and rainy! Ugh! 

We also were invited to the Onslow County Autism Support Chapter meeting in Jacksonville. What a great meeting! Whitney and I really enjoyed attending the  meeting and telling everyone about the iLOC GPS Personal Locator watch. 

In February, we got more snow. But it wasn’t as bad as the snow in January. 

We also got our first shipment of iLOCs. Do you want one? Let me know, I’ll send you one! 

Whitney and I went to Raleigh this past week, and attended the NC Governors Institute’s Innovative Technology Summit. We made some great connections, and were invited to ANOTHER conference in October. A few months away, but that’s ok! 

Whitney and Dr. T are in Atlanta at TWO different conferences, AutismAvenue2014 and AutismOne. 

Lots of conferences and meetings! Stayed tuned for more info…..